Yandere Various!Naruto x Reader One Shots - Y!Itachi x Reader (2024)


As much as you wrecked your head, you couldn't remember him. You couldn't remember when or where you could have possibly seen that face before.
You were almost sure you hadn't. You would have remembered a face like that. He was handsome, after all.

And, it wasn't a big deal, right? Fleeting encounters were often forgotten. How should you have known any better? So when this dark haired man came up to you, while you were shopping on the market and asked if you remembered him, you told him the truth: after thinking it through, no, you really couldn't remember him. You told him you were sorry. A polite thing to do, right? So no hard feelings, right?


The man stared at you, frozen, his black eyes wide and cold. He was looking a little scary, you thought. He suddenly held himself differently, too.

You didn't remember him, was his only thought, you had been the only thing on his mind ever since the night he had first seen you, and you didn't remember him?!

He tried to stay calm. He tried not to get angry. But how could you not remember? Hadn't the encounter been... special to you? It had turned his life upside down, how could you not remember it?
Or were you that friendly with everyone, perhaps? No, that couldn't be. You had smiled at him. You had taken his hand. You had cared for him. He had to be special to you, too, right?

You probably saved his life that night. If you hadn't stepped onto the soon-to-be battlefield, and had made his opponent run for it in shock, who knew what would have happened?
And when you had spotted him, standing behind a tree to observe you, you had smiled at him. You had smiled, and he felt as though it wasn't a smile from this earth. No human could be that beautiful. Why would he deserve that smile?!

Don't smile at anyone else. Please. Please, please, please, don't smile at anyone but me...

You had introduced yourself, so trusting of a stranger. Silly you. He promised himself to protect you. Who knew what another man might have done to you in this situation?! He wanted to be there for you, and to talk some sense into you.

Don't you talk to anyone else. They all want to get their filthy hands on you and ruin you. Just stay with me, and you'll be safe and sound.

He had introduced himself too, and how he wished you would repeat his name! It would sound like heaven, he imagined. But no such luck - a swift wave and a cheery "Goodnight!" and gone you were on your way back home.

How could you have possibly forgotten? Didn't you see that meetings like that didn't just happen? You two had been in the middle of a deep forest! What were the chances of that happening, of you two meeting there?! Why couldn't you see that it was meant to be from the start?

Tell me it's a joke. Say you know my name. Say you missed me as I missed you!

It was hard to be angry at you, with your pretty eyes looking up at him, so innocent and warm and alluring. He stared down at you and you held his gaze, and his heart was going crazy.

He found his voice. Just in time before things could get awkward.
"M-my name is Itachi", he told you, and hope swelled in him when you tilted your head to think. Maybe it would come to you now? It had to!

"Hmm... Sorry, but when exactly do you think we met? I had a hectic week and..."

You kept talking, but Itachi wasn't listening anymore. Had he really not left an impression on you at all? How was this possible?!

"... Perhaps you've got the wrong person? I'm new to this village."

"No", he breathed out, and took a step toward you. Startled, you stepped back. He had been way too close to you. Didn't people in this village mind another person's space?

Now the black haired man was really grumpy. He took another step toward you, grabbed your arm.

"Don't go, (Y/N)."

"You know my name!"

"I told you we've met before! How can you not-"

"Please let me go, I-Itachi." You said, startled, and hoping you'd bring him to his senses soon. While you looked around, looking for any bystander who might be able to pry this stranger off you, Itachi visibly relaxed.

He was still upset. But you had said his name. How right he had been! Your sweet lips forming his name... what a heavenly sound. He slowly pulled back, a pleased smile on his face.

"Remember me this time, okay? I'll... I'll come to get you once we're ready!"

He raised your hand up, and kissed your knuckles, an almost sheepish smile on his face. His demeanor had turned around 180 degree in seconds.

"Goodbye, my love..."

And a moment later, he was gone, very much intending on finding you again, and taking you home with him. Once the preparations were done, that is. He had to make sure your new home would be... secure, right?

Yandere Various!Naruto x Reader One Shots - Y!Itachi x Reader (2024)


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