What You Need to Unblock Roblox on a School Computer (2024)

Schools have pretty strict rules on what you can do, say, have on you, or do on their Wi-Fi network. School computers are heavily monitored to make sure you don’t do anything fishy while using them.

It makes sense that school faculty wouldn’t want you to damage their property by downloading malware. But sometimes these rules don’t make that much sense. Think about it!

Administrators block sites like Wikipedia and YouTube to prevent plagiarism but they’re also blocking some good sources of information. Roblox is a good example of this. Despite the platform having so many educational games and learning opportunities, administrators block it just because it’s associated with video games.

That said, you can unblock Roblox on a school computer. You just need CyberGhost VPN. Below, I’ll guide you through different ways to unblock Roblox on a school computer with and without a VPN, depending on your setup.

How to Unblock Roblox on a School Computer

If Roblox is blocked at your school or student dormitory, you need a VPN to get back into the game.

  1. Sign up for CyberGhost VPN.
  2. Download the CyberGhost VPN app.
  3. Connect to a VPN server near you for best performance.
  4. Go to Roblox’s website.
  5. Log into your account and start playing.

Pro-Tip: Consider cleaning your cookies before logging into Roblox. This will prevent network errors.

Why Schools Block Roblox

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It’s not uncommon for network administrators to block domains on public networks. Popular targets for network blocks include social media websites, streaming services, and of course video game domains.

Roblox falls under the gaming category, and is usually blocked on school grounds. This is because teachers want to prevent distractions and keep you focused on your work. Depending on your school’s policies it might be possible to request a certain domain to be unblocked. Usually you’ll have to contact a teacher, instructional technology facilitator, or other faculty staff and forward a formal request.

That said, get ready for rejection. School faculty often lump in the educational Roblox games like Word Bomb together with the likes of Fortnite or Overwatch. You likely won’t be able to appeal this decision.

You might be wondering how network administrators can block Roblox at your school. Administrators can block Roblox on 4 fronts:What You Need to Unblock Roblox on a School Computer (2)

            • By URL – You can’t access the Roblox website
            • By domain – You can’t access Roblox sites or apps
            • By IP address – You can’t access Roblox sites, even if you type in the IP address
            • By keyword – You can’t access anything that contain the word “Roblox” in it, even if you’re just googling it

Most schools will use a combination of the first three. The best way to get over domain and IP-based restrictions is to use CyberGhost VPN. CyberGhost VPN will encrypt all your internet traffic which keeps your browsing and app usage information away from your school’s prying eyes. This will let you access and play Roblox games with no fuss.

The Best VPN for Roblox

If you want to unblock and play Roblox, you need a good gaming VPN. You need CyberGhost VPN.

A VPN for All Your Devices

Whether you’re playing Roblox on your school computer, or you want to unblock Roblox on your phone at Starbucks, CyberGhost VPN has you covered. We have dedicated apps for all major operating systems, including Chromebook, Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, and even Linux. You can also use our Smart DNS feature for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles for other games you might want to play.What You Need to Unblock Roblox on a School Computer (3)

A single CyberGhost VPN subscription covers up to 7 devices, so you can easily switch between devices and stay covered.

A Worldwide Server Network

The closer the VPN server is to your physical location, the better and more stable your connection. If you play Roblox online, you need a VPN with good network coverage.

no bandwidth restrictions and no connection drops.

Fastest VPN Servers

If you play Roblox games online, you’ll need good performance to lower your ping and reduce your lag.

We have 10Gbps servers, which are the fastest VPN servers on the market. We also have gaming-optimized servers that are perfectly fitted for a lag-free gaming experience. You can choose between the fastest VPN protocols like IKEv2 and WireGuard® to customize your VPN connections to your needs.

Reduce your ping with CyberGhost VPN!

Top-Notch DDoS Protection

Roblox games are good family fun, but cybercriminals still can’t keep away. Attackers often resort to DDoS (disturbed denial-of-service) attacks to disrupt your game. These attacks overload your connection with requests causing it to drop.

You’ve probably met a bully or two during your games too. Unfortunately, their bullying sometimes extends beyond the virtual realm when they discover your IP address, which could lead them to your identity, and even your location. In the past, salty gamers have used this information in attacks like swatting (where they send the police to your house on a fake threat) and doxxing (where they post your personal information online).

Connect to CyberGhost VPN and conceal your IP address! This way cybercriminals won’t be able to target you anymore, and you’re free to safely enjoy your gaming sessions with no disruptions.

Try it out risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee!

Can You Unblock Roblox Without a VPN?

Using CyberGhost VPN is the easiest way to unblock Roblox on a school computer or network. There are options without a VPN but they’re not quite as straightforward and efficient. Let’s go through your options.

Using Tor

The Tor network is popular for its private surfing experience and its ability to bypass censorship. It’s possible to use Tor to bypass content restrictions, and unblock Roblox games. The downside to this is that Tor is extremely slow and laggy. Tor wasn’t designed with entertainment in mind, so it’s not the ideal choice for video games. Don’t get your hopes up that you will be able to play online through Tor!

Using a Proxy

Proxies replace your IP address which enables access to restricted websites. You can unblock Roblox websites with a proxy but you won’t be able to play online video games. As opposed to VPNs, proxies lack encryption which means the school administrators can still see what you do online.

Using Now.GG

Cloud gaming is becoming more popular as it’s an easy way to play games despite your device’s specs. In some cases, you can even use cloud gaming platforms to bypass video game restrictions on public Wi-Fi networks. This might be a good alternative if your school computers are managed via administration privileges, which doesn’t allow you to install a VPN app.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for school administrators to catch up. Xcloud and Stadia were among the first victims but some schools already blocked Now.GG. Even if you do get it to work, keep in mind that administrators can always change their mind and put Now.GG on a blocklist.

Modify Host Files

This requires quite a bit of technical skills otherwise you’ll risk deleting system essential files. You’ll also need administrator privileges to delete Roblox from the host file. If it’s against your school’s rules to access administrator pages, you will get in trouble for attempting to change host files. I wouldn’t recommend trying this.

Remove Roblox from the Blocked List

Similar to the last method, this isn’t for everyone. You need to be a root user or superuser to make any changes under the Internet Security section. For most school computers, this option won’t be available to you. Keep in mind that trying this can get you in trouble. Not recommended.

CyberGhost VPN is still your best bet. Our VPN apps will encrypt all your internet traffic, which helps you on two fronts. On the one hand you can download Roblox games, if the website is blocked. On the other hand, you can play online even if the domain is blocked.

It doesn’t matter if your system administrator targeted the Roblox URL, domain, IP address, or keywords, CyberGhost VPN lets you play whatever game you want.

Roblox Games Are More than Just Fun

Video games have a reputation of being mindless, maybe even violent entertainment. We both know that’s not the case. Roblox might be a commercial product but it has a lot of learning opportunities.

Think of Roblox as the new Minecraft. It’s fun, sure, but you can also use the platform as a learning tool. Every day, people use Roblox to learn to code, solve puzzles, project architectural designs, explain science phenomena, and many other things.What You Need to Unblock Roblox on a School Computer (4)

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, you can use Roblox Studio for free to create engaging learning experiences. Even the Museum of Science got in on this. It’s launching Destination Mars where you can explore the International Space Station and even plan for a landing on Mars. How cool is that?

Roblox has plenty of games under the Learn and explore category, but you can also make your own. It might seem scary, but Roblox Studio has tons of helpful tutorials and guides to get you started.

As an added bonus, Roblox has a very good moderation system to filter out any unwanted content. No matter your age, you can stay safe in the Roblox metaverse.

These are some of the reasons why Roblox shouldn’t be blocked on school grounds.

Get Back in the Game

Some school faculty might not see it your way though, which is why you’ll need CyberGhost VPN to unblock Roblox at school. CyberGhost VPN redirects your traffic through an encrypted remote server. This prevents your school network from seeing your online activity.

Even if the system administrators blocked the Roblox domain or URL, you’ll be able to download Roblox games. As long as you’re connected to our gaming-optimized servers, you can even play games online with your friends.

CyberGhost VPN is fast, offers 10 Gbps servers around the world, and has dedicated VPN apps for most popular devices. It’s also fully compatible with the Roblox platform, so you’ll get a smooth and stable experience.


Can you unblock Roblox at school?

Yes, you can unblock Roblox on a school computer or network. You just need CyberGhost VPN. Our VPN apps encrypt your traffic, and redirect it though remote servers. This hides your online activity and helps you bypass network restrictions.
That way you’ll be able to unblock the Roblox domain on school grounds, but you can also use CyberGhost VPN to play Roblox or other games online on any restrictive network. Simply connect to the nearest CyberGhost server, and you’re good to connect to the platform.

How do you unblock Roblox at school without a VPN?

While it’s possible to unblock Roblox at school without a VPN, you’ll need to access administrator systems or host files. Not only is this tricky to do, but it could get you in trouble depending on your school’s policies. Another alternative would be to play the game through Now.gg or a proxy, but it’s possible you’ll still be blocked from accessing Roblox.
The best way to unblock Roblox at school is with CyberGhost VPN. It’s fast, easy to set up, and our gaming-optimized servers are fully compatible with Roblox.

How do you unblock a game on a school computer?

The easiest way to unblock games on school computers and play them on restrictive school networks is to use CyberGhost VPN. CyberGhost VPN will reroute your internet traffic through an encrypted remote server. This prevents network admins from seeing your online activity, which enables you to access restricted games and play online on any network. It’s easy to set up, and it even comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee!

Can you unblock Roblox on a Chromebook?

Yes, you just need a VPN for Chromebook. CyberGhost VPN is a good choice because it unblocks Roblox with ease. It’s easy to install and use, and you can play Roblox online with no interruptions and no lag.
For a step-by-step guide on how to use CyberGhost VPN, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Support team.

Can you play Roblox on Now.gg?

You can play Roblox on Now.gg for free. You don’t even need to download anything on your device. Given that Roblox doesn’t support that many Android devices, it’s a good way to overcome compatibility issues and save storage space. If Now.gg is blocked on your school network, you’ll need to use a VPN like CyberGhost to unblock it

What You Need to Unblock Roblox on a School Computer (2024)


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