Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (2024)

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Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!!

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2007/11/01 06:30pm(Read 1,532,947 times)

Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (1)



Just a heads up to anyone who might spend any money on this site. I actually signed up for a month so I was already a paying member. Messaged a bunch of girls and got reponses back within the day and they all had the same story. Send me an email to my personal hotmail account so we can chat. After the inital message no response through the website or the personal email accounts. Every time you go to the site some of the girls on the first page are the same but a different city every time. Complete scam don't spend your moneyl

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2007/11/11 01:18pm

Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (2)

Anonymous Also


Wish I'd read this earlier....I joined Fling.com a couple days ago, and have been having the same experience. The women chat me up...from overseas!...and want to get my credit card to chat outside the site. The two women who have replied to my messages have both sent me a hotmail address. One wants me to verify my age at a different site. I am believing I wasted my money. Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (3) Have you tried to cancel?

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2007/11/29 03:16am

I sure do wish I had stumbled across this site a few weeks back!!!

I also have had very similar experiences with Fling.com. I should have remembered the old adage "if it looks to good to be true, it probably is"

As I said my experiences have been similar, I have gotten quite a few responses and contacts, which all request an e-mail to their hotmail or yahoo accounts. Those that I have e-mailed off site, then reply that I need to contact them through another site. Which of coarse requires a subscription. Tough as nails

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Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (5)

2007/12/24 03:48pm

Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (6)



Same experience a month later, it is a big fake. Several replies and nothing thereafter, all the replies were worded exactly the same. The two responses I got back were to go to other sites for pay subscriptions and I actually bit on the first one but the contact didn't exist on it. SCAMMED!

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2007/12/31 08:50pm

Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (7)



First thing you notice about fling.com is its subscription page which is not even secure SSL. So your credit card info is sent IN THE CLEAR meaning without encryption so that ANYBODY can snap it up.

Just look for HTTPS not HTTP in the URL window to see if that's so for any site before you send your CC info.

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Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (8)



It is SSL, just not on the main page. Right-click on the part of the page where you enter your payment details and you'll see the address is https://

I haven't signed up yet...

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Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (9)

2008/10/21 01:44pm

Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (10)

common sense master


Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (11)

LOL - I kept seeing the fling logo and figured I would check out the scam. First thing that tipped me off was you can't do anythinguntil you pay. So I searched the internet for fling.com experiences. And ofcourse it brought me here. There are many siteslike this, true.com truebeginnings.com and others. No I did not need to pay to KNOW they are scam sites. Try match.com or yahoo personals.Those are true dating sites. I think yahoo will also give a free 3 day pass. by the way who would want a girl who would just postnaked pictures to a dating site? why would you want to sign up for fling.com anyway?

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2008/10/26 07:23pm

Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (12)



I live in a rather small town and believe me when I checked to see the girls that were seeking men, I was amazed that none of them have ever been seen in my town.

Then I did some browsing in parts of the southern USA and the same photos were there and the girls had different names.

Its a fake site................STAY AWAY!

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2008/12/06 04:25pm

Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (13)

Fling is fake


Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (14)

Yes Fling is 100% Fake....DO NOT PAY THEM a Penny !!!!!!! I was a member since day one they opened the site, its part of WebDate if you look at the set up of both websites you can see and its the same and its own by the same person. Not to mention they pay women to hang out in the webcam chat rooms so they look busy and exciting. They Pay them to brings in new members $35-40 so that should tell you something. Also the site is full with FAKE PHOTOS and Nigerian Scammers and local prostitutes. Numerous times I seen the same photo under a different screen name & city and the profile info was always the same. The most posted photo was/is the Argentine web model Keira Agustina's photo. I seen her photos at least 1000 times not to mention many famous models. Fling should be investigated for fraud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (15)

2009/01/24 10:37pm

Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (16)



not to sound like the odd one in the bunch... but my fiance and I signed up and didnt experience that problem. Our dilema was a little different... we met a bunch of real people... most were in our same city, we just weren't into them physically. We were looking for a woman or couple, and the majority we ran into didnt meet our physical standards....
but i willl wait my subscription out and then leave it alone

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Warning Fling.com is completely fake!!!! (2024)


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