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Sasuke P.O.V

I ran to the apartment as fast as I could.

Please...let her be there!

I ran up the stairs and quickly placed my hand on the doorknob, but the fear of her not being home made me stop.

I couldn't open it. I didn't want to open it.

If she's not there...what would I do? Give up on her?

I took a deep breath before I began to open the door. Naruko...please be home...

When I opened the door, she was sitting down at the table with the cup of ramen I had bought for her.

"Sasuke? Why do you look like sh*t?" she asked as she took a mouth full of noodles.

I was relieved, happy, and slightly upset with myself because I allowed Sakura to get under my skin; I knew she was a liar. I let out a small sigh of relief but then quickly returned to my usual cool and calm composure.

"Shut up, idiot."

I shut the door behind me and removed my shoes so I could walk into the house. I was making my way to the table when I began to feel an uncomfortable pressure begin to form between us, so I took the chance to sit at the couch instead.

It was quiet, and only the sounds of Naruko's unmannered form of eating echoed through the apartment. I closed my eyes, letting out another sigh before I decided to break the silence.

"So...you and Gaara, huh?"

"Huh? O-oh yeah...we're a couple now..." she replied awkwardly.

"Did Lady Tsunade say it's okay...? For you guys to date while we're...married?"

"Um...she didn't say no...but I can't go to the sand village until I'm done with the mission here."

Sand village? Why would she go to the hidden sand? Is she actually thinking about moving there forhim...?

I felt the pain in my heart return from my thoughts. It was as if the empty space where my heart once stood was hurting more than when it had broken.



"Does he make you happy?"

The air between us had thickened, making the tension almost visible. It was hard to breathe and the sound of my broken beating heart rang in my ears. I was scared. I had never been in a situation like this before.

My emotions were constantly changing and affecting everything I did. They drove me to do things I would have never done before. And the fear of not knowing Naruko's thoughts drives me insane. I want her to be happy, but-

I don't want her to love Gaara; I want her to love me...

I heard her hesitate to speak before releasing an awkward laugh. "I mean, Gaara's a great guy. He's sweet, considerate, smart, brave, and just a good person overall. He gets me like no other because we share the same fate of being hosts to the tailed beasts. He's a great friend...and I guess he does make me happy too."

I placed my hand over my heart as the pain became unbearable. Tears began to form in my eyes but I couldn't let them fall. I use to be emotionally strong, but she had made me weak. Being a ninja was one thing, but being a human was another.

I quickly held my breath as I wiped away my pathetic tears. I then exhaled silently, not wanting to give away my pitiful state.

"Then..." I started, "What about me? Do I make you happy...?"


"Do I make you happy, Naruko?"

She stayed silent. She didn't say anything. She didn't even laugh or reply with a snarky comment. At this point, she didn't have to say anything; her answer was painfully clear.

It was quiet for a few moments until I heard the chair which she sat on move and the sound of chopsticks hitting the kitchen sink.

"Sorry Sasuke, I gotta go."

And without another word, the door to our apartment closed, leaving me in tears.

Naruko P.O.V

One lie...one lie was all I said, and now I'm tangled in a web of lies.

I began to think about what the old lady said as I walked out: "You're a lying coward."

I quickly shook my head at the thought.

I know I'm a liar...I know I'm a coward, but what was I suppose to do in that situation? Sasuke doesn't care about me the way I do, so the only one who would have been hurt from the truth would be Gaara.

I sighed as I walked down the steps of my apartment. It was late at night, and I had spent one day creating nothing but trouble.

I sat at the end of the steps thinking about my next move.

What do I do? Should I tell Sakura the truth? No, because then she'll be hurt to know I'm actually in love with Sasuke.

Should I tell Hinata? Maybe...but she might tell Kiba and he'll tell everyone.

Should I tell granny Tsunade? I mean, she basically already knows, judging from the fact that she called me a "lying coward."

I sighed as I slowly stood up to walk towards the Hokage's office once again.

Will I ever leave this unfortunate situation?

I knocked on the door to the Hokage's office when I heard granny yelling to come inside.

I slowly opened the door and let myself in, closing the door softly behind me.

"I see our pretty little liar is back," she said as she stamped her last paper, "What can I do for you, Naruko?"

I began to twiddle my thumbs as I thought about my words. "Um...can I talk to you? Usually, I would talk to the pervy sage but he's...You know...gone...'"

She sighed, feeling the pain I held for the man that was like a father to me. She then closed her eyes and opened them again to look at me with a glare. While crossing her arms she turned to face Shizune before standing up from her seat. "Shizune, take care of the office while I'm gone. I have to talk to my troublesome kid."

We sat at one of Tsunade's favorite barbecue places. She was filling her shot glass with alcohol as we waited for the barbecue to come out.

"So Naruko, what deep sh*t have you gotten yourself into now?"

I sighed as I banged my head against the table. "Granny, I'm stuck. I don't know what I'm doing..."

"Well, let's start from the beginning so we can find the problem."

I told her everything, from beginning to end, my feelings, my thoughts, my lies, everything.

"So basically you're telling me all of this sh*t started because you didn't have the balls to tell that little runaway boy how you felt? Pathetic. I thought you were better than that, Naruko."

"Shut up! And his name's Sasuke, not little runaway boy!"

"Ehh same thing."

Tsunade quickly took another shot and then slammed the shot glass onto the table. "Well if you ask me, the only solution to this is telling the truth and communicating. You're the one who created this mess with your lies so you're the only one who can get yourself out."

I pouted as I stared at the table. She's right...this whole thing is my fault and I'm the only one that can fix it.

"Naruko, let me give you some piece of advice...If you love someone, tell them because they'll never know unless you say something. It's so obvious that Sasuke is in love with you, and the chances of you guys being together for this mission was almost impossible, but fate put you guys together. You guys are meant to be!"

"Huh?! What do you mean Sasuke's in love with me?!"

"You're such an idiot Naruko. Everyone knows he's in love with you."

What?! But I've never noticed...

"Naruko, it's only been a day since you've created that lie of yours, so why not just go out and fix it before it's too late? Sasuke's in love with you, so you're literally not losing anything by telling him you love him back. Then after you tell him, tell Gaara the truth. I know he'll understand."

She's right! I still have time to fix everything I've done!

I quickly stood up, causing the table to shake and her sake to spill.

"Naruko, what the hell?!"

I quickly walked out of the booth and went over to Tsunade to give her my most loving hug. "Thank you, Granny...I love you so much~!" I kissed her forehead and quickly ran outside to find Sasuke.

I'm going to do it! I'm going to tell him how I feel!

Sakura P.O.V

"Hey Sasuke-kun~!"

In seconds he closed the door, leaving me outside in anger.

"Open this f*cking door right now, Sasuke!"

The door began to open up slowly again. He was angry, and his eyes yelled out his hatred towards me.

"What do you want, Sakura?"

"I just came to talk to you~," I said with a ring to my voice. While I looked at him, I glanced into their apartment to see if Naruko was home, but she wasn't.

Damn it! Where is she?!

"So...where's Naruko?"


"Hmm I see, you're not gonna tell me. I guess she really was at the hotel with Gaara, huh~?"

"Leave," he growled angrily.

"Fine, fine, I'm leaving. There's no point in me being here anyway unless she's here. See ya Sasuke-kun~"

I began to make my way towards the steps when I saw those infamous blonde pigtails make their way up the stairs.

I quickly ran back to the apartment and pounded on the door. "Sasuke, open up right now! It's Naruko!" I yelled in a panic.

"Naruko?! What happened--?!"

I quickly grabbed onto his shirt collar and forced him down to meet me. As I timed my next move, I waited for Naruko to reach the top floor before I laid my lips against his.

He began to fight me, but I didn't let go until I heard her running footsteps. He then furiously pushed me off, causing me to drop to the ground.

"Never show your face here again, you disgusting bitch." He slammed the door shut and left me sitting outside with a smile.

My plan is working~

Unfortunately Yours (SasuFemNaru) - Chapter 15 - Otaku_Lucky_Star (2024)


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