The Reason - Chapter 1 - Paxton - Shingeki no Kyojin (2024)

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“I'll see you tomorrow, alright?” Mikasa packs her violin, setting it against the school room wall, turning back to her classmate, “I should be back here the same time I always am.”

“Alright.” Christa responds, “Why don't you bring your violin back home with you?”

“Oh, because I walk home most times.” Mikasa shrugs her shoulders, shoving her hair into a ponytail, “And it's sometimes kind of hard to drag back home, but I'll do it when there's concerts.”

“Oh, I see.” Chirsta closes the piano, “Do you want a ride home by any chance? I can give you one you know.”

“I like walking.” Mikasa grabs her phone, and pushes an earbud into her ear, “But I'll meet you in front of the school tomorrow morning, alright?”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow Mikasa!” Christa waves as Mikasa exits the room, walking down the halls and through the doors. She shivers against the cold, burrowing herself in the red scarf that is across her neck. She wishes that someone could just pick her up, or just let her get her own car. She was 16, she could do it on her own.

“I'm just afraid sweetie.” Her mother would warn her, and she would roll her eyes at her. Her father would tell her about how maybe one day she would get one of her own, but for now she would have to walk. Mikasa couldn't see how that would be any better.

She puts her other earbud in, blocking out the sounds of cars and other people on the streets that had habits of talking to loudly. At least for Mikasa's liking, that is. She would rather just drive home and put her face in a book.

The walk goes how it is everyday, one foot in front of the other to the beat of the music in her ears, her backpack over her shoulder. She lets her hair down because the back of her neck happens to be cold.

But there's a sudden shove that sends her hurling to the ground, hissing out in pain to her knee making contact with the cement. Whoever it was that pushed her down, helps her up quickly. Mikasa doesn't get a really good look, just the fact that the person is really small, a hood placed over their face, arms full of spray paint cans, “You're the cops daughter, aren't you?”

Mikasa doesn't know what to say being put on the spot, but nods her head slowly in a fit of confusion. Her knee is killing her now, and she's pretty sure it's probably bleeding under what fabric was there.

“I guess tell your Dad I said hello.” They lift their head a little, showing a smirk across their face as they run off. Mikasa stands there, shaking her head and starting to limp back home this time.

As she enters her house, she's already being bombed with questions, “What the hell Mikasa, who did this to you.”

Mikasa shrugs her shoulders, “They ran into me, I have no idea why, they were running to fast. Can you please leave me be? I'm going to go and patch up my knee.”

Her mother sighs through grited teeth, “You need to learn how to take things more serious you know.”

“It's not like they punched me, alright.” Mikasa grabs her back and whimpers as she forces herself up the stairs, “I wish you would just get off my back.”

She carefully cleans out the wound, wrapping it in an ace bandage and heading into her room. It was filled with pretty pictures of famous musicians, some posters are from movies, others are just pictures from TV shows she liked. Her desk is cleaned up perfectly, her laptop sitting right perfectly in the middle of it, a pile of book on each side.

Mikasa just throws her bag down and grabs a book, laying down in her bed with it and kicking off her shoes, “Now all I have to hope is that mom leaves me alone until Dad gets home, because I know what's gonna happen when he finds out.”

Mikasa gets sucked into her book, she likes escaping into other places. It made the boring life she lived a little bit brighter, so she would read books about fairy tales. Made her feel like she was living in a other whole world.


Something hits against her window, and she nearly jumps three feet into the air, and it happens again,


Mikasa looks frantically around her room, ruffling her eyebrows. It was like the noise was getting impatient.

Tang. Tang. Tang.

Mikasa finds her eyes wandering over to the window, where there is small rocks being thrown at it. She can't imagine who it would be, she was sure Ymir was at football practice, and Christa was probably with her.

“Yo! Cop kid!” She hears that voice as she opens the window, leaning her head down to look at a small girl, starting to climb up the side of her house, “You don't mind if I hang around a little bit.”

“Who the f*ck are you?” Mikasa hisses, and the girl keeps climbing the side of the house, finally getting to the window.

“I'm Annie, please let me inside.” Mikasa doesn't know why she does it, but she grabs the girls hand and pulls her through the window, “Thanks Cop kid.”

“Would you stop calling me that?” Mikasa ruffles her eyebrows, “Please tell me who the hell you are and why you're at my house?”

“Oh, I am Annie Leonhardt.” Annie shrugs her shoulders, “And I was running away from a store manager.”

Mikasa's face grows mad, “You're the punk my Dad is always chasing around, aren't you?”

“Don't get to upset about it,” Annie takes her hood off, letting all of her hair fall out of her pony tail, “I won't get you into to much trouble kid, just hide me for a little while.”

“You're the same damn age as I am.” Mikasa grabs Annie's shoulders, pushing her back over to the window, “You think that hiding here is the best place?”

“They wouldn't think I was at a cops house.” Annie responds, leaning her head side to side, “So yeah, I stalked you home and here I am now.”

Mikasa pushes Annie more over the ledge of pushing her out of the window, “And why did you think that I would let you? Huh?”

“Oh, come on.” Annie rolls her eyes, letting out a sigh, “Your father would be mad for just letting me into this room.”

“You're a bitch.” Mikasa pulls Annie back in, letting go of her, “I really don't like you for some reason.”

“It's just for a little while.” Annie shrugs her shoulders, fixing her hair to where the shaved part of her head shows perfectly, “It's not like you have to be friends with me or anything, you just have to let me stay in your room for a little while.”

“What'd you do anyhow?” Mikasa finally just gives up and sits on her bed, she was to chicken to push Annie out the window, and he knows that by the time her father had gotten to her room Annie would be long gone out the window.

“I stole some food, it's just for my Papa and I.” Annie groans, “The asshole started chasing me, I dropped all my spray cans to because of that asshole.”

Mikasa ruffles her eyebrows, “I mean you did steal, you know that's illegal, correct?”

“And?” Annie pulls out a beef stick she has, starting to eat it.

Mikasa just rolls her eyes, not saying anything. Annie is the average punk, her septum, lip, nostril, and eyebrow are all pierced with silver, and Mikasa is sure she has tattoos under the sleeves of her sweat shirt she was wearing. Half her head was shaved, everything but the shaved part being a dark red. Annie just chows down on her beef stick finally getting it over with and sitting in Mikasa's desk chair.

“I didn't say you were a loud to touch anything, don't get any ideas.” Mikasa scoffs, looking over at Annie, “You touch my stuff, you're going to get thrown out the damn window.”

“Damn, cruel.” Annie puts her boots up onto the desk, leaning the chair back, “It's to bad I don't give a sh*t, I don't want anything to do with your stuff anyhow, you're a cop kid.”

“Mikasa!” Mikasa jumps at her name being said by her father, heading up the stairs. She looks over at Annie, pointing to the closet.

“One second, getting changed! You can come in in a second!.” Mikasa grinds her teeth as he shoves Annie into the closet, thankfully she's small enough to perfectly sit there, “You can come in it, all good now.”

Her dad opens the door, “You alright sweetie?”

“Yeah Dad, I'm fine.” Mikasa shrugs her shoulders, “Just had to get in shorts because of my leg.”

“Yeah mom told me, what happened?” He walks over to Mikasa, looking at it.

“Someone was running and pushed me over, they said sorry and walked off though.” Mikasa shrugs her shoulders, “They must have been in a rush to get something, but it's fine. I didn't break anything.”

“Alright, as long as you say so.” Her dad itches his head, “You know if there's anyone pushing you around, you can tell me?”

“Yeah.” Mikasa nods her head quickly, “I know Dad, I got it.”

“Alright, be down in about an hour for dinner okay?” He ruffles Mikasa's hair up a little bit before heading to the door. Mikasa nods her head and waves her hand, waiting to hear the footsteps go back down stairs.

Mikasa breaks open the closet, “Oh, you are you so f*cking lucky.”

Annie wipes the poptart off her face, “Thanks.”

“I don't what you're suppose to give me but you so owe me.” Mikasa grunts, her face dark from being frusterated that there was some random girl in her bedroom.

“Awe, I'll pay you back Cupcake.” Annie shrugs her shoulders, grabbing a cigarette out of her pocket.

“You are no smoking in my room, oh hell no.” Mikasa stands up, “That is something I will not allow, my parents are gonna smell that.”

“I'm gonna lean out the window, alright.” Annie rolls her eyes, leaning almost her whole body out the Mikasa and lighting the cigarette she has in her hand. Mikasa wants to push her out the window so bad, but she knows better than to just push a person out a window, “You know you could be a little nicer to me, alright, I'm sorry for breaking in your house and all but I don't really wanna go to jail.”

“Why don't you start by not stealing?” Mikasa rolls her eyes, looking down at her carpet.

“Why don't you actually go against the rules, be a little bit of a rebel and live the kind of high I'm living.” Annie smiles, but Mikasa can't see it, “I know you're a goody two shoes, you even act like it.”

“Then I suppose we're both stereotypes.” Mikasa groans, throwing herself back on her bed, “Because I'm sure you spray paint the sides of walls because no one understands you.”

Mikasa wasn't ever this mean to people, but she thought it would make up for not being able to push the damn red-head girl out the window.

“Hey, don't be rude.” Annie puts out her cigarette out on her hand, stuffing it back into the box and getting back inside, “I think we stepped off on the wrong foot, alright?”

Mikasa lets out a sigh, “I think that if I would have met you a different way I would like you more.”

Annie narrows her eyes, “I said I was sorry, what else do you want from me?”

“To get out of my house, please.” Mikasa shrugs her shoulders, “What would you do if someone just came into your bedroom and started chilling like it was their own house?”

Annie puts her hair back into a sloppy bun, letting out a sigh, “I just think you're no fun, but alright, I'll get out of her house.”

“Thank you.” Mikasa stands up, pointing to the window. Annie groans and climbs out the window.

“Oh, and by the way I am really sorry about you knee, I didn't mean to hurt you that bad.” Annie mumbles, “I hope it gets better.”

Mikasa's mouth feels dry, like she wants to say something but Annie is already running off with her hood up out of Mikasa's yard. Mikasa hits her hand on the windowsill, letting out an aggravated sigh.

Annie wasn't a name she would soon forget.

The Reason - Chapter 1 - Paxton - Shingeki no Kyojin (2024)


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