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When Ben regained conscience, he quickly found himself lying on the cold, dampy muddy ground and his clothes were covered in dirt and grim. Sitting upright, he winced a little as pain flared up his left arm, "Wendy...?" He called out, his throat raspy from all the screaming the pair did as they fell.

"Here!" She responded much to his silent relief. "Hold still! I'm going to see if I can get to you!" He ordered as he rose to his feet and did his level best to remove as much of the dirt from his clothes as he could.

He winced as he realised that he'd have to put them in the wash when he and Gwen got back to the guild, 'Just great....' he thought as he sighed to himself in exhaustion, 'At least Wendy's safe though.' He thought as he began to make his way over to where the bluette called out to him.

His cheeks turned a rosy red as he stumbled through the inky dark room with the neon green glow of the Omnitrix serving as his only source of light. Moments later, Ben found Wendy leaning near what he could only assume was a broken pillar.

As soon as she soon him, a huge relieved smile appeared on her face. "Ben!" She cried out as she hurried over to him and pulled him into a hug. "Your okay!" She exclaimed as she broke the hug and began to examine him for any injuries.

His face began to turn red in embarrassment at how close she was and after a few moments, she to realised what she was doing and her face also turned a deep shade of crimson and she quickly backed away from him, stammering out apologies as she did so.

Soon an awkward silence fell over them as they desperately tried to look at anything other than each other. "So..." Ben awkwardly began as he massaged the back of his head, "think we should trying to find our friends...?" Ben cringed as soon as the words left his mouth.

Fortunately for him, Wendy didn't seem to notice or maybe she just didn't mind as she gave him a huge smile and grabbed his hand, "Sure! Let's go!" She exclaimed before she started tugging him in a random direction.

"Do we even know where we're going?" Ben asked Wendy as she pulled him through narrow pillars and down long corridors. "Of course I do, I have their scent." She revealed as she turned to face him and tapped her nose.

Soon the pair found themselves entering a large, well light, oval shaped room filled with several strange images and ancient writing unfortunately most of it was incomprehensible thanks to age.

"You know... I think we just found what we were looking for." He joked as he pulled out a small camera from his pocket, 'Thank God, Gwen made sure we had these on us.' He thought as he began to take photos of the room, the pictures and the writing, while Wendy wandered around, casting occasional glances in his direction before blushing and looking away.

A large rumbling began to shake the room as if a hoard of elephants were stampeding around above them causing the pair to look at each other and without a word they stopped doing whatever they were doing and dropped into a battle stance with Ben slowly reaching towards the Omnitrix.

Moments later, a pair of family figures burst into the room and desperately began stacking whatever they could in front of the door they entered, trying to barracked it from whatever it was that was chasing them.

"Gwen?!?/Carla!!" The pair cried out in a mixture of relief and shock causing the aforementioned pair to whirl around in shock before their expression morphed into one of relief as they watched the pair rush towards them with open arms.

Letting themselves be pulled into a hug, both Gwen and Carla smiled in relief as they returned their friends embrace. Ben frowned as he realised something and broke his hug to look at Gwen with worried eyes.

"What happened?" He asked only to see Gwen glanced over to Carla in worry, which was a first because he usual did that when he did something he wasn't supposed to... "I can't believe I have to ask this but what did you do?" He asked, disbelief dripping into his voice while Wendy glanced at her partner in shock.

For a moment, Gwen and Carla looked over at each other with a guilty look on their faces before they turned to face them. "We might have..." Gwen began as she twirled her foot on the ground in embarrassment, "accidently destroyed a large part of this place whiles trying to escape a large mishmashed creature that was and quite possible still is chasing us...?" She finished in an almost questioning tone while the pair stared at them in disbelief.

After a moment of stunned silence, Ben final began to speak "When we first got here, I thought it was going to be me that accidentally wrecked something first but this..." he gestured to his cousin in an exaggerated manner earning a small giggle from Wendy, " This is so much better then I could have ever imagined! I can't wait to tell Grandpa!" He exclaimed cheerfully as he punched his fist into the air like a child does when they first learn their parents are going to buy them a new toy they wanted.

Gwen sighed in defeat as she looked over at her cousin tiredly, "You're never going to let me live this down, will you?" She asked while Carla and Wendy stared at them curiously.

"Nope!" Ben smiled smugly at her but before he could continue, the room began to shake, more violently than before causing a look of horror to down on Gwen and Carla's faces, shocking Wendy as she had never seen Carla look like that ever before.

"It's coming..." They muttered quietly, causing Ben to narrow his eyes as he and Wendy glanced back to the doorway the pair had tried to block off earlier.

"You ready for a fight?" He asked her as he activated the Omnitrix and began to dial up an alien, "You bet!" Wendy replied as she dropped down into a battle stance. "Gwen...?" Ben called out as he glanced over to his cousin, "Have you learned any new spells recently, that'll be useful here?" He asked causing her eyes to widen in surprise before she slapped her own forehead.

"Gah! Why didn't I think of that?!?!" She exclaimed before reciting some random spell in latin causing a pink glowing sphere to form around her hands. "Alright, I'm ready!" She announced in a more calmer voice.

"Alright then, IT'S HERO TIME!" Ben cried out as he slammed his hand down on the Omnitrix and a bright green glow enveloped his body, temporarily blinding everyone in the room just as the giant creature burst in.
See you next time! Because next week will be a new chapter for Earth's Mightiest Aliens then after that it's Aliens of Justice, then Assassin's Creed: Remnants and then another new story that I've been cooking up ever since I saw the Blue Beetle movie which I got for my birthday 2 days ago now and I haven't seen many people do it. I must admit, Blue Beetle is a surprisingly underrated hero.

Anyway, bye!!!

The Emerald Fairy - Chapter 6 - EndriRigs (2024)


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