Murrells Inlet, SC Office Space for Rent (2024)

Office Space Rents in Murrells Inlet, SC

Asking prices for office space in Murrells Inlet vary and are generally influenced by such factors as the property location, the building quality rating, and the proximity to amenities like restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, as well as how convenient access is to and from public transport, airports, and thoroughfares.

Most commonly, the cost in any location will first be influenced by the property class rating, which can be A, B, or C.

The maximum rental rate among listings for lease in Murrells Inlet is $20 per square foot. Meanwhile, the minimum rental rate in Murrells Inlet is $17 per square foot.

Average Office Rents by Property Class in Murrells Inlet vs South Carolina

Murrells Inlet Class A & A+ Office Space

Murrells Inlet Class B Office Space

South Carolina Class B Office Space


Murrells Inlet Class C Office Space

South Carolina Class C Office Space


Top Locations to Rent Office Space in Murrells Inlet, SC

There is no one-size-fits-all answer as to what the best office space for rent location is in Murrells Inlet. The best neighborhood or submarket match for you will depend on what are the most relevant factors to your business and your employees. You will most likely need to consider what works best for the type of business you need space for, the size of your company, the employee demographics, and of course the company budget.

However, a good starting point for finding your best options is to look at the areas where there is a high concentration of office property listings. These areas are typically well-connected to a range of access routes and are also home to a variety of amenities that serve the convenience of both workers and visitors. In Murrells Inlet, the greatest concentration of office for rent opportunities is in Myrtle Beach.

Best Areas to Rent Office Space in Murrells Inlet

Submarket No. of Listings Avg. Asking Rent Class A&A+ Rent Class B Rent Class C Rent Vacancy Rate

Myrtle Beach 32 2.16%

Georgetown County 6 0.00%

Key Factors to Consider when Choosing an Office Space for Rent in Murrells Inlet, SC

The quality of an office property can be judged based on subjective factors such as the prospective tenant’s preferred architecture style, the overall design of the surrounding area, as well as the amount and/or diversity of amenities available within a convenient distance.

Some quality factors, however, are considered to be mostly objective, and have been somewhat standardized as top things to consider when looking for a specific quality of space for your business. These include construction grade and building quality ratings, sustainability certifications, the total age or the property, as well as any renovation work that was done.

A local breakdown by property class shows that about 39.85% of total office space listings in Murrells Inlet are in properties rated class A. Class B space makes up 60.15% of total space available in Murrells Inlet.

If considering quality space by property age, the Murrells Inlet market is also a mixed bag in this respect. About 43.33% of local office properties were completed before the year 2000. Office space delivered in and since the year 2000 makes up 56.67% of the local market and adds up to a total of square feet.

However, a certain age of completion of the original structure does not necessarily mean that a property is too old. Older properties are often considered to have excellent bones and are good subjects for adaptive reuse redevelopment or extensive renovation to modernize the interior space. With that in mind, you should consider that roughly 0% of all office properties here are buildings that have been renovated at least once since 2000.

Murrells Inlet, SC Office Space for Lease by Building Class

  • Class A
  • Class B

Murrells Inlet, SC Office Property By Year Built


1975 - 2000


After 2000

Finding Office Space for Rent in Murrells Inlet, SC Near You

If you have a certain point of interest in mind for renting an office in Murrells Inlet, it’s easy to navigate local leasing opportunities around it. Using our interactive search map, you can zoom in to your preferred location and then customize your search area around that specific point of interest by selecting “Radius” from the Search Mode options menu. Establish the center of your desired search area with one click on the map, and then expand the radius as much as you need to. Browse the resulting list of available office spaces for rent to find the best match for your location and other business needs.

Data was provided by CommercialEdge and refers to office properties at least 25,000 square feet in size. Prices shown reflect the average rate per square foot.

Murrells Inlet, SC Office Space for Rent (2024)


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