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He was weak. He was vulnerable. And he was dying.

It had been a horrible year for Indigo, a loyal servant of the king, and today, he would finally be able to rest. They had killed the lord, destroyed the kingdom, and murdered all of the ones loyal to the king. He had finally escaped with a spear through his chest, his body scorched by fire when the town was burned.

What had he done wrong? The peasants in the town spoke horribly of the king, as if he was a tyrant who would do nothing but murder. Those people that rebelled must have known the executions were well deserved!

He would do anything to get revenge, anything to become their master, to make them see the blood and horror he saw, to make them take it back, to make them beg for mercy, for them all to lay on the ground as he was.

As he lay on the dirt ground of the cave in immense pain, he heard a voice.

“Anything?” it said in a deep, low voice.

“Anything.” Indigo said to it, not sure if it was something in his head.

“I can give you anything you want. Infinite life, unspeakable power.” said the voice.

“What's the catch?” Indigo said to it. “A simple deed you need to do for me.” said the voice. “I will leave you until the one day your services are… required.”

Indigo didn’t have anything else to do, he would die in this cave if he didn’t accept.

“I’ll do it.” Indigo said, coughing.

He could almost feel the presence of a smile from the figure before Indigo felt relieved of all pain.

But it wasn’t death, it was a new, powerful feeling. His body was no longer a human. It was black like the void of death, the torture of the brutal attacks burning themselves deeper as if the pain controlled him.

Indigo was going to kill them all. He was going to tear their flesh off their bones.. Their blood would stain the earth. They would scream mercy, praying that he would spare them.

And he would enjoy every last bit of it.

Many years later…


Ivan sat in the rocking chair in his hut, admiring the strange weapon in his hands as he thought about his new mission.

Ivan had been called to help the tribe again. Mondomus was the tribe he had been serving, however this time it was his old friend, who had just sent him a note.

Meet by the tower, it said. I need your help. Bring the others.

Rick was his friend’s name. Ivan placed the sword in his scabbard and threw on a simple shirt. Then he exited the hut, the door swinging silently behind him.

Ivan traversed through the overgrown bushes near his hut. He would have to trim them later. Ivan then stepped onto the road where the carriages rode. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the dewdrops in the grass reflecting its light.

As he walked, he wondered what Rick needed now. Rick was an interesting character. Many didn’t trust him, but Ivan trusted him the most. Rick was the one who knew something many others didn’t…

Ivan couldn’t shake off the feeling that the mysterious old man was hiding something. But maybe that's why many people didn’t trust him.

He knew almost everything from Rick. He would have probably been clueless if it wasn’t for his help. So he trusted him, almost blindly.

Ivan continued to walk down the unpaved street. The tower where he was supposed to meet Rick was visible in the distance, over a few buildings. Ivan waved to some merchants on their way to the market in the beginning of the day.

Ivan finally arrived at the tower. It was much taller than other buildings around it. It was quite old, with visible effects of its age on its walls. Vines grew from the ancient stone. Who knew when it was built, whenever it was, it was ages ago.

Ivan climbed up the staircase until he could see the light again. He exited onto the roof, where he saw Rick looking over the edge of the tower down at the nearby woods.

“Ah, Ivan.” Rick said, not turning. “That is you, correct?”

“Hello, Rick. Why did you call me over here?” Ivan responded.

Rick continued to gaze at the woods. “Ivan, do you remember the swamp?”

Ivan walked up next to him and nodded. “Yes, out there, where we first… met?”

“There's been… some kind of disturbance in the woods. It's less peaceful. It started ever since I met you.”

The woods. They were almost never visited. Nobody ever left our town, with its perfect weather, with the food, shelter, and happiness you could picture. It seemed that everyone lived in harmony, sharing everything.

But nobody knew what was outside the town’s borders. Some people said monsters resided in the woods, even though that was disproven by the fact that there was, well, no proof.

“Ivan…” Rick said, lowering his head a little. “You have a… connection to the woods, don’t you? I need to find out what this is. I would go myself but, sadly, I’m a victim of time. And you're the only person I know who would go into there.”

At first he hesitated; the stories and tales which seemed so real, as almost everyone believed them, were in the woods. But strangely, Ivan wasn’t content, deep inside, with the peace of his small town. He wanted something more.

Ivan pressed his lips together, then said reluctantly, “Alright. I’ll go.”

Ivan and the Battlecry part 1 | Fandom (2024)


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