Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (2024)

Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (1)

If you’re ready to take a break from the mindless swiping of other dating sites, it’s time to check out Fling.me. The Fling dating site has taken connecting with other singles to the next level, with tons of active members and a commitment to no fake profiles.

Even without the flashy app or site of some of its competitors, Fling.me is no less successful in helping you make a match and start dating for real. Check out this Fling review to see why this platform is the one you need to meet your special someone.

What is the Fling Dating Site & Who Is It Best For?

The Fling dating site is meant to be a place for singles, couples, and anyone in between (divorced, separated, etc.) to meet and make a special connection. Fling.me is perfect for all kinds of users, from those who are looking for casual dating to people seeking long-term relationships.

With a Fling dating profile, you can set your location to meet local matches or change your location while traveling to match with people no matter where you are in the world. There are millions of profiles and with so many active users, there’s no shortage of members looking to connect.

The features of Fling.me make it easy to find others who are looking for the same thing as you. Casual dating? Something more serious? You’ll find exactly who you’re looking for here.

Pros & Cons of Fling App

Seeing Fling reviews from so many users, it’s easy to see there’s plenty to like about the Fling dating site. Like any site, however, it has its downsides, too.

Fling.me Pros

  • Fling.me is committed to having no fake profiles and offers profile verification.
  • Millions of global, active users so you can connect with someone in your area.
  • Match Game for connecting with new people.
  • Lots of search filters to find people looking for the same thing as you.

Fling.me Cons

  • No mobile app at this time.
  • Website is less flashy than some of its competitors, but has a great homepage.
  • Relatively limited free features, but lots of premium ones.
  • Can only scroll 10 profiles per day for Match Game with a free profile.

How the Fling Dating Site Works

Getting right into this Fling review, let’s talk about how the Fling dating site works. Once you’ve finished the Fling sign in process, you’re brought to the main page where you can dive right into the Match Game, see trending Fling dating profiles, and start connecting with other users immediately. From this page, you can also see featured profiles, who has viewed you, and your list of friends. Fling.me has made this a very easy dating site to navigate.

One recurring concern from some Fling reviews is the limited access free accounts seem to have, but the numerous ways to connect with other people on the Fling dating site make choosing a premium membership an easy choice.

Right at the top of the main page, there’s also a search bar that makes it easy to filter your view to connect with people who are looking for the same thing as you. This takes you to a search screen that also offers numerous additional search filters to narrow your view even more and find your special match.

The Match Game option also makes it easy to connect with other users in a fun “hot or not” style game that brings some fun back to dating.

Fling Sign Up Requirements

Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (2)

The Fling sign in process for new users is super easy. You’ll need to verify your email address as part of the Fling dating site commitment to preventing fake profiles, so be sure you have it up and ready as you begin.

From the fun and brightly updated homepage, you can start the Fling sign in process by clicking the “Join Free” button. This will take you to a screen prompting you to click whether you’re male or female, followed by a screen asking your age and zip code. This whole process is similar to other dating sites, helping you set up your profile so you’re ready to connect with other locals in your area for dating.

Once you’ve provided that information, the Fling dating site asks you for your email address, to choose a password, accept the Fling dating site terms of service, and confirm you’re not a robot with a reCAPTCHA box. It’s all pretty straightforward and doesn’t take any time at all.

After the email and password screen, you’re prompted to add a profile picture. You can add up to 6 of them, so feel free to show off the best you’ve got. Underneath your photos, it asks you to pick a display name for other users to see.

On the next screen, it’s all about you. The Fling dating site offers a wide variety of interests to pick from and then asks you about yourself with some of the more typical questions like ethnicity and body type. There are more options on your final profile the site will prompt you to answer once you’re finished with the initial Fling sign in process such as hair color, type of career, income, and if you’re willing to travel for a date.

The final screen of the simple Fling sign in process for new users is all about who you’re looking for. This is where you get to choose male, female, couples, or trans people, select an age range for your matches, and decide what kind of dating you’re looking for. Just like with the section describing you, there are more categories you can select from after you’re officially logged in using the Fling dating site search filters.

Is There a Fling App Photo Verification?

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There are actually multiple ways the Fling dating site follows through on its commitment to only having real profiles from real people.

The first method you’ll encounter is during the Fling sign in process. When you upload your profile picture, it’ll be assessed for authenticity. If there are flags doubting the legitimacy of your account, they’ll disable your account with instructions to contact the Fling.me support team to confirm you’re who you say you are.

The next way you can be sure you’re talking to a real person is to check the Fling app photo verification symbol on user profiles. Getting verified on the Fling dating site is simple and gives you first priority in all search results. Options for getting verified on Fling.me are:

  • Take a selfie
  • Record a video
  • Video chat with an agent

By offering these options for verification, you can be sure the person you’re talking to is real and ready to connect. Unlike some other dating sites where you’re endlessly bombarded by messages from obvious bots and fake profiles, the Fling dating site profile verification options keep you safer and the site authentic.

Fling Review of Design & Usability

Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (4)

One of the downsides a lot of Fling reviews talk about is that the site feels a little outdated as compared to flashier dating sites like Tinder or Match. It seems the Fling dating site is finding ways to update its look because the homepage is bright and fun and really draws you in.

Once you’ve finished the Fling sign in process, you’re brought to a user-friendly page that might be a little more crowded than you’d expect, but has everything you could want to start connecting with other users right away. Sure, the design of the main user home screen is less flashy, but the navigation bar at the top is clear and easy to understand plus you’ve got a search function right near the top of the page to filter your matches.

Right below the search bar on the main user home screen, you’ve got sections for:

  • Match Game
  • Featured profiles
  • Who viewed you
  • New members
  • Trending now
  • Daily spotlight

While it might not be the most updated look, no Fling review can say it’s not user-friendly. We’ll take functionality over glam any day.

Fling App Search Options & Features

Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (5)

As other Fling review posts have mentioned, the Fling app search options and features for free profiles are relatively limited, but really highlight the value of premium memberships. Unfortunately, as a free member you won’t be able to click on anyone’s profile at this time.

That being said, the Fling dating site does allow free users to access its wide array of search filters to sort through profiles and find your next match. You can choose from search filters like:

  • Appearance (eye color, hair, body type, etc.)
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Type of dating you’re looking for
  • Languages
  • Marital status
  • Income
  • Profession

You’re also able to choose from options to only show users who are online now, profiles with photos, or profiles with verified photos. Having so many options for free users to search for their next match adds to the value of premium subscriptions to Fling so you can connect with others.

Fling Dating Site Profile Quality

Every Fling dating site profile has tons of ways to show off the best of you and match with others. You can upload multiple profile pictures and even add an introduction video to make your profile stand out and more personal.

The next thing you’ll find on Fling dating site profiles is the interests they have. From going clubbing to traveling and nice dinners, there are options to help you learn more about the person and sense your connection before you even start messaging.

Fling dating site profiles have sections that match every one of the numerous search filters, so there’s a lot you can put there to help meet your match. Aside from things like income, religion, or physical traits, you can also add private media, write posts, or publish a status update. It makes the Fling dating site feel more social and exciting to mix and mingle with others for dating.

Fling Cost & Payment Options For Gold

Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (6)

Fling dating site premium memberships are called Gold. They have five different options you can purchase for Fling Gold membership at this time, two of which are short-term trials for people looking to check out the site and see if they connect with anyone.

  • Gold 2-day trial: $4.95 $0.95 special
  • Gold 7-day trial: $14.95 $9.95 special
  • 1-month Gold: $49.95 $34.95 (30% off)
  • Gold 6 months: $69.95 ($11.95/month)
  • Gold 12 months: Best value at $9.99/month

Fling.me accepts major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB as well as the ability to pay with a CC Bill Pay account.

Is there a Fling App?

Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (7)

At the time of this Fling review, there is no Fling app available. This is where the dating site does lose a little to other more flashy sites, but it provides substance for users that makes it great for matching with others for dating nonetheless.

Is Fling Legit & Safe?

Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (8)

One of the biggest questions users ask from any Fling review is, “Is fling legit for me to use?” Making sure a dating site is safe and legit should be every user’s priority before joining. Fortunately, the Fling dating site goes above and beyond to reassure users right from the sign up process that their information will be safe and secure and that Fling.me makes a concentrated effort to keep fakes from using their site.

The profile verification process also helps demonstrate how legit Fling is, providing additional profile visibility benefits to verified profiles. With three ways to verify your profile and a badge that easily shows you who has gone through the verification process, you can feel comfortable when you’re connecting with others. Having so many active profiles with verified badges also makes it easy to trust the Fling dating site and its pledge to keep out fake users and bots.

Fling also makes it easy to access its privacy policy, outlining what information it collects and how that is used. Contact information like emails, purchase information, and other sensitive info are only shared with third parties to communicate transactions to you. They also declare they process and retain any information shared with them within the confines of the law, so you can feel confident your information is being handled responsibly.

Final Thoughts: Is Fling A Good Dating Site?

Closing out this Fling review, it’s clear to see that the Fling dating site is a great place to connect with others for casual dating, new friendships, or long-term relationships. With so many features available, the premium membership holds its value and makes it easy to meet your match.

The website has a great homepage but does look a little more dated than some flashier sites once you’re logged in. This doesn’t stop it from providing great functionality with a user-friendly interface, which is an important part of any dating site. And while there is not a Fling app, the site has plenty of ways to connect with others, including the crowd-favorite Match Game.

Overall, this Fling review shows it’s a good dating site and one you should give a try.


What is Fling.me?

Fling.me is a dating site where you can meet locals or people from all over the world for dating and a special connection.

Is Fling a good dating site?

With tons of active profiles and a commitment from the site to keep out fake users and bots, you can rest assured the Fling dating site is a good one to use.

How can you search for Fling.me users?

The Fling dating site offers numerous search filters to help you find your next match. From physical traits to compatibility factors and more, the Fling search feature provides extensive capabilities.

Is Fling.me free to use?

You can sign up for a Fling dating site profile for free and check out the Match Game and search features. You’ll need a premium membership in order to start connecting with others.

What payment methods does Fling accept?

Fling.me accepts major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB. You can also create and use a CC Bill Pay account.

How to delete a Fling dating profile?

While you won’t want to go, deleting a Fling account is very easy. Hover over your profile picture in the upper right corner of the page and click “Account Settings” in the drop down menu. Navigate to the “Deactivate My Account” tab on the left column of your settings page and you’ll have the option to deactivate your account temporarily or delete it permanently. You’ll need to enter your password to confirm permanent Fling account deletion.

Fling Review [Oct 2023] - Is Fling Legit For Dating? (2024)


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