Atom Tickets – Buy Movie Tickets, Invite Friends, Skip Lines (2024)

Hey there, welcome to our promotions page!

Check out all our current offers below plus their respective terms of eligibility and use. Note that some of these promotions required codes or handout cards given out by our partners and our customer service team cannot provide you with the codes.

If you were given a promotion code on a handout, via social media, or in an e-mail (including as a sweepstakes/contest prize), that code is subject to all the terms provided to you, including valid dates, while supplies last. Additional terms and details may be included below. Customer service may require you to send an image of the handout, e-mail, or social media post if you need help redeeming the offer.

To redeem an Atom Tickets promotional offer:

  • Add movie tickets to your cart
    • If the offer is for a specific movie, make sure you're adding tickets for that movie to your cart
    • If the offer requires you to purchase more than one ticket (e.g., an offer to get $5 off when you buy 2 tickets) make sure to add at least that number of tickets to your cart
  • If the promotion requires a promotion code, enter the code you received into the promo code redemption area during checkout
  • The promotional discount will be applied to your order, while supplies last
  • Enjoy your movie!

These additional terms and conditions are applicable to all Atom Tickets promotions unless otherwise noted.

If a promotion is a BOGO (buy one ticket, get one free), one of the tickets in your order must be full price (e.g., no discounts or promotions applied) in order for the BOGO offer to apply.

If a promotion indicates that a promotion code is required, our customer service team cannot provide you with a code. Rather, these promotions require a code that was given out, for example, on an in-store handout, in a social media post, or in an e-mail.

If a promotion indicates it is valid only for new Atom Tickets users, it is only valid if you have not previously made a transaction with Atom Tickets. Any attempt to circumvent this requirement may result in any applicable transactions being voided and associated accounts being closed.

If a promotion indicates that it is only valid on the Atom Tickets mobile application, you will have to create an account in order to checkout via the mobile application, and you will not be able to use the promotion via the website.

If a promotion indicates that you will receive a fulfillment e-mail after making a qualifying purchase, please note that you must have an e-mail address associated with your account at the time of purchase to qualify for the offer.

If a promotion applies to concessions (where available), please note that it applies to the original order only and is not applicable to the addition of concessions to an order after initial purchase.

If a promotion require the use of a promotion code, only a single promotion code may be used in one order unless the promotion states that multiple promotion codes apply. If a promotion allows multiple promotion codes to be applied to the same order, please note:

  • You can only apply codes you received from that promotion to the order, you cannot combine other codes from another promotion
  • You can only add one promotion code per ticket in your order, up to a maximum of 5 (e.g., if you have 3 tickets in your order you cannot add 4 promotion codes)
  • Each code will be applied to a single ticket in your order up to any stated maximum amount

Unless a promotion indicates otherwise: (i) it is only valid for one-time use per customer; and (ii) it is only open to and valid for legal residents of the 50 U.S. States and D.C.

In Atom’s discretion, promotions may not apply to fan events, double features, marathons, Fathom special events or any other non-standard showtime offering.

A promotion discount will only be issued as part of the same transaction subject to such a promotion. Unless a promotion states otherwise, and regardless of the total ticket quantity in an order: (i) all users are limited to applying one promotional discount in a single qualifying transaction; and (ii) promotions are limited to one time use per user. Promotional discounts are good for one time use only and cannot be redeemed for cash. Where an offer specifies applicable movies, dates, showtimes or theaters, the promotional discount cannot be used with or applied to any non-specified movie, date, showtime or theater. Promotional discounts will not be replaced and are not for resale. Any offer requiring a promotional code cannot be combined with any other offer or discount requiring a promotional code and Atom reserves the right to otherwise limit or prohibit the use of more than one promotion on a single order. Atom reserves the right to limit promotion redemptions based upon, but not limited to, uses per customer, per IP address, per device, and per week. Any unused promotion amounts not applied to a qualifying order are void.

These promotions are subject to Atom’s full Promotion Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and Purchase Terms.

Void where prohibited. Atom Tickets reserves the right to modify or end any promotion at any time without notice.

Need Help?

If you still have questions, feel free to head over to our Help Center to check out our FAQs or to reach out to our customer service team.

Atom Tickets – Buy Movie Tickets, Invite Friends, Skip Lines (2024)


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