6 Best Zillow Alternatives (2024)

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Published July 7, 2023

Published Jul 7, 2023

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Table of Contents

  1. 1Best Zillow Alternatives at a Glance
  2. 2Realtor.com: Best for Extensive Customer Support
  3. 4Homes.com: Best for Agents Looking for Free Exclusive Listing Leads
  4. 5LoopNet: Best for Commercial Property Listings
  5. 6Trulia: Most Affordable Pricing Structure for Advertising
  6. 7Redfin: Best for Robust Search Filters
  7. 8How We Evaluated the Top Zillow Alternatives

Compared to its competitors, Zillow has the most listings and traffic of any major website listing platform. Other listing websites, however, can also aid in expanding your exposure, focusing on specific demographics, and offering extra services that Zillow cannot provide. We evaluated over a dozen listing websites based on cost, listing and advertising capabilities, integrations, and customer service options to identify the six top Zillow alternatives.

  • Best for multiple customer support channels: Realtor.com
  • Best for listings and advertising from a mobile phone: Homesnap
  • Best for free exclusive listings leads: Homes.com
  • Best for commercial property listings: LoopNet
  • Best for affordable advertising pricing structure: Trulia
  • Best for robust listing features: Redfin

Best Zillow Alternatives at a Glance


Monthly Subscription Starting Price

Free Trial

CRM Integration

Customer Support

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (3)


Phone and email

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6 Best Zillow Alternatives (4)


Phone, email, and live chat

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6 Best Zillow Alternatives (5)


Phone and email

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6 Best Zillow Alternatives (6)

Call for custom pricing

Phone and email

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6 Best Zillow Alternatives (7)


Phone, email, and live chat

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6 Best Zillow Alternatives (8)

Call for custom pricing

Phone and email

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6 Best Zillow Alternatives (9)

1% - 1.5% commission fee

Phone and email

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Realtor.com: Best for Extensive Customer Support

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (10)

Overall Score: 4.94 / 5


  • Ability to market listings on Facebook and Instagram
  • Agent reviews listed on profiles
  • Extended customer service hours


  • No free trial
  • Advertising cost based on ZIP codes
  • Cannot edit the layout or square footage of the listing via the dashboard


Realtor.com pricing structure is based on ZIP codes, and a few third-party sites list the price as around $200 per month.

Leads come with a one-year contract, though it may be possible to negotiate this down to six months. The leads can be obtained from free services or optimized by subscribing to paid options, starting from $25 per month.

On Expert Opinion on Realtor.com

Realtor.com is the best Zillow alternative as it allows agents to advertise for lead generation and manage and market their listings simultaneously. With its multiple functions and customer support available—live chat, phone, or email—agents can immediately contact the company for any issues that may arise. Realtor.com also has extended hours of support not limited to just business hours.

Realtor.com is a terrific site to gain exposure for your real estate business because it has a 49.3 million monthly search volume, is linked to the multiple listing service (MLS), and contains the most recent listings available. It also has a texting feature to connect with other real estate professionals and a tool to determine how particular property features (e.g., a garage) affect the price. Realtor.com could improve by providing a free trial and an extensive selection for agent profile layout.

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (11)

Agent Essentials toolkit dashboard example (Source: Realtor.com)

  • Updates: Most listings on Realtor.com are updated every 15 minutes to give users the most recent information.
  • Advanced features: Realtor.com enables you to set triggers and alerts, plus automate workflow.
  • News: Realtor.com provides articles about real estate trends, helpful guides to buying and selling homes, and data on mortgage interest rates nationwide.
  • Local data: You can look up cities, ZIP codes, and particular areas to discover market trends and school district evaluations.

The reviews for Realtor.com are a combination of consumers and real estate professionals and obtained a 3.6 out of 5 rating. A real estate broker and owner mentioned that its system for following up with and managing their contacts was excellent, allowing them to send market reports and new listing alerts directly through Realtor.com. They added that it was ideal for any agents starting out without a dedicated client relationship manager (CRM).

However, many reviews are directed to lead quality, saying it can be hit or miss. Some leads are unresponsive, which is frustrating, but if they are proven to be “bogus,” and you report it to them, they will remove it from your monthly lead count. In addition, one agent mentioned the profile design for agents didn’t have the best layout options. For agents who prefer a better agent profile, consider using Homes.com, which has a dedicated tab for agent listings and a great Zillow competitor that offers free exclusive listing leads.

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Homesnap: Best for Managing Listings & Ads on Mobile Phone


  • IDX (internet data exchange)/MLS (multiple listing service) integrations
  • Available in-app messaging
  • Pro account can manage social media ads


  • No free trial available
  • Can't edit listings on desktop or laptop
  • No live chat support


Homesnap has not provided pricing information for its product or service. However, the Homesnap Pro+ costs $39.99 per month if you choose a monthly subscription; otherwise, the annual cost is less than $500.

On Expert Opinion on Homesnap

Homesnap, a Zillow competitor, is a mobile-only real estate platform that allows you to manage your business and receive listing inquiries on your phone. Leads received through Homesnap are free for agents. However, a paid professional plan includes features like profile optimization, automatic posts, and review management. Zillow’s Premier Agent model is based on paying for advertisem*nts placed next to other agents’ listings, whereas with Homesnap, there are no pop-ups or competing ads on your listing.

Also, Homesnap allows agents to advertise on heavily trafficked websites like Instagram, Facebook, Waze, and Google, making Homesnap an excellent Zillow alternative. Additionally, the Pro+ account will enable agents to manage their reviews and business page on Google to increase their online reputation. Although Homesnap provides excellent solutions, it could improve by offering a free trial and allowing users to edit their listings on a desktop or laptop.

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (13)

Homesnap Google business profile (Source: Homesnap)

  • Safety timer: This feature will send a text alert to your designated emergency contact(s) if you feel uncomfortable or distressed while out at a property.
  • App availability: Its mobile app is available for Android, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV users.
  • In-app messaging: With Homesnap Pro, you can share a listing with your client and get their feedback on the new price. They’ll be notified that you sent a message, and you can keep all communications in the Homesnap platform.
  • Reports: You can create comparable market analysis reports on your phone.

Homesnap earned a 3.1 out of 5 review rating. Real estate agents mentioned that they love sharing any listing link with prospects in under a minute and the ability to market their listings to people in and outside the area. Additionally, many agents praised connecting to the MLS and client seamlessly.

The main complaints from real estate agents include the inconsistency of aggregated data on listings and the intermittency of the operation of the application itself regarding accessing the database. Another agent found that Homesnap didn’t work well with their local MLS. For agents whose MLS doesn’t function well with the app, consider a platform like Trulia, where you can add listings manually.

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Homesnap Was Acquired by Homes.com

Homesnap, a former leader in residential real estate, is on its way out as CoStar places its chances on its stronger brand. By the end of 2023, Homesnap will be phased out and absorbed into Homes.com. Homesnap Pro, an app for real estate agents, will shortly be replaced by Homes Pro. By the end of the year, Homesnap’s website will also direct clients to Homes.com. Read more about these changes in the article CoStar’s Homesnap Headed to the Scrapheap from The Real Deal.

Homes.com: Best for Agents Looking for Free Exclusive Listing Leads

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (14)

Overall Score: 4.27 / 5


  • Includes an IDX website
  • Lead text alerts
  • Can add virtual tour link to a listing


  • Limited social media integrations
  • No live chat support option
  • Agent website only available with Pro+ account


Homes.com has not provided pricing information for its product or service. To find out about its pricing structure, you may call for custom pricing.

On Expert Opinion on Homes.com

Another great alternative to Zillow is Homes.com. It is the best real estate website to receive free exclusive leads because all leads inquiring about your exclusive listings will be sent directly to you. The Homes.com navigation bar highlights finding an agent before showcasing homes for sale and rent. This is beneficial since visitors first focus on contacting an agent, so agents don’t necessarily need exclusive listings to receive a lead. Agents can optimize their profiles to increase consumer engagement within the agent search page.

The Pro+ account, a collaborative feature with Homesnap, includes a verified Google My Business page, a website, listing analytics, and an enhanced agent profile to increase your real estate business success. A Pro+ account ensures clients find you and your website on Google Search and Maps, and the listings analytics will provide insight into who’s viewed your listings. These features help increase your audience and generate more leads. To improve, Homes.com can offer 24/7 live chat support.

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (15)

Listing management page on Homes.com (Source: Homes.com)

  • Blog: Homes.com provides helpful articles on topics such as buying a home, relocating, and building and remodeling a home.
  • Forums: You can post real estate queries on Homes.com’s website. Although anyone can answer other users’ inquiries, most questions are answered by real estate experts.
  • Accounting: Homes.com provides a monthly payment calculator and a Home Values tool for property valuations.
  • Listing features: Homes.com allows you to upload listings, images, and videos.

Users have rated Homes.com a 3.2 out of 5. One agent hesitated to restart their relationship with Homes.com after using the platform a few years prior. They were happy they rejoined the platform as they could close many deals in the first few months, getting a return on their investment.

However, another real estate agent was disappointed in the lack of customer service. They felt the platform had its limitations with its marketing capabilities, and there was little support assistance when needed. Agents wanting more customer service may consider utilizing Realtor.com’s platform for its high customer service ratings.

Visit Homes.com

LoopNet: Best for Agents With Commercial Property Listings

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (16)

Overall Score: 4.18 / 5


  • Marketing assistance
  • Extensive customer support
  • High monthly search volume


  • No free trial
  • No in-app real estate agent directory
  • IDX/MLS integration is available for an additional fee


LoopNet has not provided pricing information for its product or service. Contact LoopNet to request a quote.

On Expert Opinion on LoopNet

LoopNet is best for agents and brokers with commercial property listings—offering an app that displays over 50,000 listings for commercial properties for sale, lease, and auction. LoopNet has a high monthly search volume of 7.5 million. Although the monthly search volume is significantly lower compared to Zillow (53.6 million), the commercial audience that lands on this real estate site is more targeted than others.

With LoopNet’s sophisticated presentation and enticing interactive media solutions, your property listings will stand out and be ready to convert prospects into clients. Professional photography, 3D virtual tours, professional video tours, and drone footage can be included to enhance and create large, eye-catching displays. LoopNet also offers substantial customer service, enabling users to reach the company via phone, email, or live chat. LoopNet can be improved by providing an in-app real estate agent directory and a free trial.

LoopNet platform demo (Source: LoopNet)

  • Listing features: LoopNet allows you to upload listings, images, and videos.
  • Integrations: The LoopNet platform includes the IDX website, built-in lead management CRM, and social media integrations.
  • Advanced features: LoopNet enables you to set triggers and alerts and automate workflow.
  • LoopNet’s listings: Listings on LoopNet are provided by commercial real estate brokers and contain various details. Most postings come with at least one or two pictures and essential information about the property. Some include extras like 3D tours, promotional brochures, and neighborhood information.

Real estate professionals using LoopNet have rated the platform a 3.4 out of 5. Agents have specifically mentioned that they like the exposure to commercial real estate and access to vast inventory that helps them find buyers and sellers in the commercial market. Additionally, many agents said the platform is easy to use and navigate.

Agents also expressed dissatisfaction with the outdated and over-saturation of information. Some listings also aren’t correctly filled out by the person entering them into the system, leaving room for many questions that need to be asked about a particular listing. Check out Realtor.com since its listings are updated every 15 minutes to give users the most recent information.

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Trulia: Most Affordable Pricing Structure for Advertising

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (17)

Overall Score: 4.16 / 5


  • Listings can be submitted manually
  • Combined advertising with Zillow through Premier Agent
  • Pay-per-lead pricing structure


  • Trulia's reviews don't transfer to the Zillow profile
  • Leads flow automatically into Zillow's Agent Hub
  • No live chat support option


It is free to list properties on Trulia. However, package pricing for Trulia is not provided on its website. To find out about the pricing structure, you may call Trulia to request a quote.

On Expert Opinion on Trulia

Trulia is a residential real estate search engine that Zillow purchased in 2015, making it similar to the Zillow website. However, Trulia’s pricing is on a cost-per-lead basis, unlike Zillow, which is by ZIP code. Also, if agents would like their listings to feed into Trulia, then they must use a partner site to feed to Trulia. Partners include ListHub.net, Point2Agent.com, and vflyer.com, to name a few. Similarly, agents can also edit some portions of their listings via their agent profiles.

Although Zillow owns Trulia, the client experience on the website is quite different. Trulia’s site contains crime map data and neighborhood overviews that provide website visitors with information, including crime statistics, schools, restaurants, local reviews, and neighborhood photos. This information may help your clients make quicker and more educated decisions regarding your listings. For better customer support, adding 24/7 live chat support would greatly enhance the platform.

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (18)

Trulia agent profile example (Source: Trulia)

  • Integrations: Trulia has built-in lead management customer relationship management (CRM) and social media integrations.
  • Email scripts: Trulia provides email scripts to agents, helping you streamline your communication and enhance customer experience.
  • Request information: From the listing page, interested buyers or renters can easily request information about a listed property. Their contact information will be forwarded to a Trulia partner real estate agent who pays to be included on the site.
  • Listing features: You can update listings and upload listing images and videos.

Trulia is rated 3.7 out of 5 based on 323 reviews. Like Realtor.com, the reviews contain buyer, renter, and seller experiences, but the agents who left reviews received great leads from the site. Some mentioned Trulia allowed prospective clients to find their listings easily. Most agents who were satisfied with the listing site used it for their rental properties and closed those deals quickly.

Dissatisfied agents mentioned removing Trulia’s reports once Zillow acquired the site. Agents felt they were up-charged for added features and were disappointed that Trulia’s feed from the MLS showed some inaccuracies. Homes.com or Redfin’s fixed charges may be a better alternative for agents who want more transparent pricing.

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Redfin: Best for Robust Listing Features

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (19)

Overall Score: 4.05 / 5


  • Easy-to-navigate website layout
  • IDX/MLS integration
  • Offers rebates on closing costs


  • No live chat customer support
  • In-app features are limited
  • Marketing assistance is available for an additional cost


Redfin does not require a monthly subscription. Instead, it charges a commission when you buy or sell a home. The commission is typically 1.5% of the sale price when you sell a home with Redfin or 1% when you both sell and buy a home with Redfin.

On Expert Opinion on Redfin

Redfin is a full-service real estate site for buyers and sellers. Agents can list their properties with 3D walk-throughs and virtual tours to capture potential clients. Also, you can add a GreatSchools rating and include local schools on the map view. With Redfin’s Customer Calendar, agents can view all their upcoming appointments and deal milestones in one place. You can easily manage your calendar and organize customer appointments by indicating your availability.

Furthermore, Redfin’s website offers resources like an affordability calculator, homebuying and selling guides, and market trends data, which are great to share with clients. Redfin also offers rebates on selling costs that the seller will receive at closing. Redfin could improve its services by providing comprehensive in-app features and free marketing assistance.

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (20)

Redfin save favorite homes feature (Source: Turner)

  • Neighborhood quality measures: Redfin added a new search filter, including Walk Score, Transit Score, and Bike Score, so you can learn more about the area where you might be living.
  • Save or hide listing feature: With a single click of the heart icon, you can save any listing that captures your attention. Alternatively, you can “X out” any listing that doesn’t fit your criteria to prevent it from appearing in future searches.
  • In-app contact form: You can use this to connect with a Redfin real estate agent or partner agent who can help with any questions or reach out to schedule an in-person or virtual tour.
  • In-app calendar: Allows you to browse any upcoming open houses in your desired area and save future open houses.

Redfin garnered a 3.3 out of 5 customer review rating for its intuitive platform and complete and reliable listing information. Reviewers love seeing the property’s details using their satellite feature. One user also said he likes the ability to select how he gets each home’s listings and specifics.

However, one user commented that the major weakness for Redfin is within its mobile app, where Google Maps is not integrated well. Aside from these, Redfin’s marketing assistance is only available for an additional cost. If you badly need marketing assistance for free, consider LoopNet.

Visit Redfin

How We Evaluated the Top Zillow Alternatives

Selecting the best real estate website to market your listings is necessary to generate leads and satisfy your seller clients. Although Zillow is the most trafficked listing website, Zillow competitors have reasonable pricing, can reach your niche audience, and provide further support than Zillow. We’ve evaluated alternative site pricing, features, integrations, and considered recent customer reviews to identify which site is the best Zillow alternative to list and market your listings.

With a 4.94 out of 5 score, we’ve selected Realtor.com as the best Zillow alternative. Its straightforward pricing structure includes a flat advertising fee and advertising costs varying by ZIP code. The platform has the highest monthly search volume out of the six Zillow competitors evaluated. Realtor.com also has real estate marketing tools to help agents promote their brand and listing exposure. The added live chat support option and extended customer support hours were added to the platform’s recommendation.

Visit Realtor.com

Other criteria used to evaluate Zillow alternative listing websites:

  • Breakdown
  • Pricing
  • General Features
  • Customer Reviews
  • Expert Score




General Features


Listing & Advertising Features


Integrations & Advanced Features


Customer Reviews


Expert Score


Help & Support

25% of Overall Score

We compared each website’s pricing structure based on monthly subscriptions, price per listing, advertising costs, and price by ZIP code. Also, we took into consideration if the website offered a free trial.

20% of Overall Score

The general features evaluated whether an agent was able to list a property, create a profile, advertise for leads, and if the site allows reviews on the agent profile.

20% of Overall Score

A real estate listing marketplace should include the ability to update listings and allow agents to edit photos and videos as needed. The site should also allow for listing advertisem*nt, IDX integrations, and claim properties that are your own exclusive listings.

10% of Overall Score

The ability to have advanced features like an IDX website, customer relationship management (CRM), social media integration, and workflow automations enhance your overall business practice. Additional features include alerts and marketing assistance can ensure you are maximizing listing exposure.

10% of Overall Score

Based on customer feedback for each listing website, with particular attention given to reviews of the product and monthly search volume to certify the platform meets agent satisfaction.

10% of Overall Score

Expertise in the field and firsthand experience with the websites allow us to evaluate the standout features, value for the money, and ease of use for each Zillow competitor’s listing system.

5% of Overall Score

We looked into the hours available for customer service support and if clients were able to obtain support through telephone, email, or live chat.

*Percentages of overall score

6 Best Zillow Alternatives (2024)


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