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Oakhurst Pétanque Club is located in the village of Oakhurst, approximately 13 miles from the south entrance into Yosemite National Park. While we are a mountain community, we tend to be above the valley's fog, and below the Sierra snows. Consequently, we who live here consider it "heaven". Nearly 3,000,000 Yosemite-bound visitors pass through Oakhurst each year and many of them are from countries where Pétanque is played. We always appreciate having visitors join in on games at our facility. We generally have open play each Saturday from 9:00 a.m. and - during Daylight Savings Time - on Wednesday evenings at 5:00. See our Events Calendar for activity listings.


Oakhurst Pétanque Club's site is called "Two Rivers Stadium," a name coined by Jim Elliott, first president of the club. The name is acknowledgement of our location between two of Oakhurst's many creeks. The Fresno River travels entirely through the town and runs mere feet from our terrains. There is a dam across the river near the courts which makes wonderful waterfall sounds in the background as we play. Oak Creek, on the opposite side of our terrains is seasonal, and dries up during Summer months. Our courts are surrounded on 3 sides by large cedar and oak trees. One large Oak shades our Back Courts nearly completely!

There are three squares, each containing 4 courts. They can be played as shown in the photo at right - our championship setup - or the lines can be easily changed 90-degrees, since the 4-court sets are nearly 49-feet square.

The Back Courts are surfaced with the native soil of our area, decomposed granite and loam, it is quite hard in spots, a little hilly, and has a gritty surface with surprising soft spots here and there. It tends to be the most popular, and serves as our "championship court."

The Oak Courts are our hardest surface, entirely packed granite sand which - when dry in the warm months - can be murderous for the "bowlers" among us. "They just keep on a-rollin'" said one member.

The Fresno Courts are intentionally coated with quarter-inch and half-inch gravel. The surface is quite hard and before a day's play we rake the gravel on the surface...then as the day goes on the gravel seems to move downward for a harder surface. It's where the experts like to play. A guy like Marco Foyot would love it!

We have a giant 5-foot-diameter Boule on display for photo opportunities, and lots of large, colorful umbrellas for shade. On the east side of our facility is a large "peanut gallery" where the public can come bring lawn chairs and sit and watch Pétanque being played with an aerial view of all the terrains. On the opposite side of the Club is our members' clubhouse and a shaded area with picnic tables for our many food-related playdays. It is tradition that members bring delicious things to share!

Our weather is typical of the Sierra Nevada: cold-ish winters with many clear days (we have a fireplace at the club for warming), Summers warm to the 85 to 95 degree range, always cooling off at night, so bring sweaters even in the Summer. Spring and Fall are beautiful, perfect 70-80 degree weather during the days. We have about 15 days of real rain per year, and perhaps two or three with some small snowfall in January. (Our Chamber of Commerce only allows snow to fall in January!)

Our club is located just a stone's throw from a wonderful RV and camping park across the river - the daring can walk across the dam to play. There are also RV and camping areas at the Oakhurst Elks Lodge, and two others located along Highway 49 and on Road 425-B in town. Oakhurst, being a tourist destination, is also full of Bed & Breakfast Inns, major hotels and delightful motels and resorts. We are 6 miles from gorgeous Bass Lake where one side of the lake is all campgrounds, and the other side is The Pines Resort and associated rental chalets and cabins. There are more than 100 rental cabins available through local realtors as well, holding anywhere from 4 to 16 guests at a time. Bring the family!

See Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau and Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce for more information.


1. FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA take Highway 99 to Fresno. Highway 41 north 45 minutes to Oakhurst. At the second signal in downtown Oakhurst, turn right (Crane Valley Road (426). Go through the signal behind the Rite Aid store, to the second signal and turn left on School Road (427). You will immediately pass the athletic fields and buildings of Oakhurst Elementary School on your left. Turn into the school parking lot and drive to the rear and park. Walk over the footbridge, then turn left, following the path to Oakhurst Pétanque Club.


2. FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA take Highway 99 to Merced. Turn east on Highway 140 to Mariposa. In Mariposa, turn south on Highway 49 to Oakhurst (where Highway 49 ends). Turn left on highway 41, past Chevron Station on right, to next signal (Crane Valley Road (426) and turn right. Go through first signal behind Rite Aid store, to the second signal (School Road - 427) and turn LEFT. You will immediately pass the athletic fields and buildings of Oakhurst Elementary School on your left. Turn left into the school parking lot and drive to rear and park. Walk over the footbridge, then turn left, following the path to Oakhurst Pétanque Club.

For hotel, restaurant and other facilities in Oakhurst, visit the Yosemite-Sierra Visitors Bureau website, or drop in. The Visitors center is located on the right side of Highway 41, approximately 1 mile north of the Crane Valley Road signal. It is the next building past El Cid Mexican Restaurant.

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