Oakhurst Pétanque Club stems from an "Afternoon in Monet's Garden", a Summer gathering of many friends in the arts community of the Sierra Nevada mountains surrounding Oakhurst, California. At this joyful June, 1999 event, these friends were exposed, for the first time, to Pétanque - a game played merely to add to the French atmosphere of the day's events.

New friends from the Los Angeles Pétanque Club, Max and Gisele Legrand and Steve and Dolores Bush were invited as special guests, and throughout the day, showed all the guests how the game is played, giving each a chance to try it. The game clicked with these highly creative guests, who instantly saw the benefits involved in the game - the gathering of friends, the friendly competition, personal fulfillment, good exercise, food and camaraderie. And so, on September 26, 1999 we decided to form a club, becoming the 25th such club in the United States. There were 22 founding members of our club, and today we average 65 to 75 members.

Oakhurst Pétanque Club has beautiful new Pétanque courts adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club of Oakhurst. We call our scenic location "Two Rivers Stadium," since we are located the confluence of the Fresno River and Oak Creek. The sound of a waterfall is our background during games! We have 12 courts capable of accommodating 72 simultaneous players.

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Our club is located between the Fresno River and Oak Creek in Oakhurst, hence the name "Two Rivers Stadium". Players are often treated to the antics of friendly visitors like mallard ducks, wood ducks, red tailed hawks, scrub and Stellar's Jays, and - occasionally - a Blue Heron drops in to visit from his home at nearby Bass Lake. Lobster-sized crayfish are occasionally found in our two waterways. Directly across the creek from our club is High Sierra RV Park & Campground with inexpensive rates for visitors. Local Phone: (559) 683-7662, Toll Free: (877) 314-7662.

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